Doors and Windows

Our company builds and imports all kinds of windows and door elements, such as:

  • rotating/tipping
  • sliding panels
  • combined elements
  • multiple elements



These elements are offered in wood, PVC, aluminium or in combination, wood - aluminium.  According to the wishes of the client we make the pieces ourselves or order them from renowned German manufacturers.

Interior Doors

wooden interior doors

We offer you a selection of interior doors by spanish or german manufacturers, from the simplest door to the most exclusive doors in solid wood.


The type, colour and material of doors is extremely varied and our selection covers a very wide range.


Individual designs would be handmade by Createam.

Front Doors

The front entrance of a house is the first impression of every home. As well as our own doors, we have a variety of imported front doors from Germany varying in style, type and finishing.

Gates and Garage Doors

From the simplest garden gate to the representative entrance gates of the classic country estate in wood as well as the more modern electrical gates and garage doors. We have a very wide selection to choose from.

wooden garage door