The CreaTeam

Our Philosophy

We are a dynamic and creative team, excellent quality being our philosophy.


Innovation, flexibility and traditional craftsmanship are the values with which we, as professional craftsmen, connect with our clients and which we wish to be clearly reflected in each of our creations.


Personalised client attention, competence and value for money are the foundation of our success.


Our professional services are many, and in each we insist upon maintaining a high standard from beginning to end.


We work conscientiously acting upon our responsibility to preserving nature.


All our solid woods are acquired from certified distributors who buy their supplies from areas of controlled reforestation.


Our prefabricated elements and parts, as governed by EU law, do not contain any harmful substances.

If you wish to use environmentally friendly products we are able to recommend various ecological finishings based on oils or treatments using wax or varnish.

Foto: Ditta U. Krebs


If you are interested we send you a list of our references.