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We only employ qualified craftsmen who work within their specialist field as needed within a project. All are proven craftsmen with many years of experience.


Foto: Fotostock Mallorca
Foto: Fotostock Mallorca

Thomas Perlitschke



Thomas Perlitschke, owner of CREATEAM, is certified and registered as an "Official Expert" of the Assocation of the Balearic Carpenters Guild. Qualifying him to make certified / technical reports of juridical validity (e.g. Technical report ref. deficient carpentry).



Thomas Perlitschke is a qualified carpenter and has been living and working in Mallorca since 1993.

After graduating from high school and completing his apprenticeship in 1989, he worked in various areas such as trade fair and shop fittings, restoration and carpentry in Germany.

After moving to Mallorca, he gathered two years of experience in a Mallorcan carpentry. During this time he also created his first sculptures.

After the complete renovation of a half-timbered house in Pollensa, acquired in 1997, he dedicated more and more of his time to furniture design.


In addition to the professional carpentry, his passion for art and design will remain his main task in his life.

From 2006 to 2018 he had a showroom,  the "Espai Obert", in the old town of Palma, a private yet open space for art and culture.





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